3D Printed Ghost Pendant Kit Components.


Kit for 3D Printed Ghost Pendant with LED Eyes.

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Product Description

For $5.62 (includes free USPS first class shipping within the USA), this kit has all the non-3D printed parts necessary for building the “3D Printed Ghost Pendant with LED Eyes” (click on this link for the kit instructions and video).

The kit includes:
1. 1 CR2032 coin cell battery.
2. 1 CR2032 coin cell battery holder.
3. 2 5050 SMD LEDs (choose a color from red, green, blue, or white)
4. 2 M2 bolts.
5. 2 M2 nuts.
6. 1 lanyard (random color from red, yellow, green, gray, blue, black, purple, pink, white)

To complete this kit, you will also need the following items:
1. A FDM 3D Printer.
2. Electrifi Filament
3.Glow-in-dark or translucent PLA.
4. Double-sided tape.
5. Soldering iron.
6. Tweezers.
7. 1.5 mm Allen hex wrench.

Follow appropriate safety procedures when using a soldering iron:
1. Never touch the element of the soldering iron….400°C!
2. Always return the soldering iron to its stand when not in use. Never put it down on the workbench.
3. Turn the soldering iron off and unplug when not in use.
4. Do not use soldering irons that have obvious damage to body, cable or plug.
5. Keep the soldering station free of electrical cables to prevent damage from the heated tip.
6. Use a grounded outlet and grounding prong if a short circuit is a possibility.
7. Work on a fire-proof or fire resistant surface.
8. Wear fire resistant clothing (e.g. 100% cotton) that covers your arms and legs to prevent accidental burns.
9. Immediate place any burns under cold water for 15 minutes.
10. Report burns to a doctor if deep or extensive otherwise protect with a band-aid.