Electrifi Filament Sample


The first truly conductive filament.
Free Shipping on this Sample Size within the U.S.!
Resistivity = 0.006 Ω cm.

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Product Description

This is a sample size of Electrifi Conductive 3D Printing Filament, containing either 2 meters (11.7 g) of 1.75 mm filament, or 1 m (15.2 g) of 2.85 mm filament. We offer free shipping within the U.S. on this sample size and ship it USPS first class.

While we unfortunately do not have the resources to offer free samples, we did want to provide a small, affordable sample of filament for those who would like to make sure Electrifi works with their printer, and provides sufficient conductivity for the application of interest.  This is enough filament to print a out at least 7 of these 100-mm-long screw-terminal test traces that we use to measure resistance (see our FAQ page for more info).

With a resitivity of 0.006 Ω cm, Electrifi is the only 3D printing filament on the market that can truly be called conductive.  The filament extrudes at a temperatures between 130-160 ºC, with a recommended printing speed of 10-45 mm/s. Electrifi is currently available with a diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

When you press a multimeter probe directly onto the Electrifi filament or printed traces, you’ll typically get a resistance reading much higher than what is expected. This is because Electrifi is a soft filament which results in high contact resistance between the filament and the probe. To improve the electrical contact, we recommend using conductive pastes or screw terminals. The silver paste we prefer is from Electron Microscopy Sciences (product number 12640). Once the silver paste is applied, it may take around 30 min for the silver paste to dry. Screw terminals are the second best option which forms a robust connection between Electrifi and other components. Please visit the FAQ page for more details.

Please see our FAQ for additional information on how to work with Electrifi Filament, as well as information on payment, shipping, and returns.   We also have several tutorials on how to use Electrifi in a 3D printed electronics project. Due to the high conductivity of the filament, it can be used to produce many different types of circuits, including LED signs, LED matrix display, Bluetooth lamps, interfacing different types sensors with Arduino, electronic games, gaming controllers, and digital music devices to name just a few examples. If the circuit can be run with resistor of 10 ohm or greater, it can likely be made with Electrifi. Electrifi can also be used to make EMI/RF shielding, RF antennas, RF Filters, and other custom RF components.

Electrifi is shipped in a vacuum-sealed package with a desiccant packet. The filament should be stored in a cool, dry environment, and exposure to moisture should be minimized.